Chillicothe Craft Mall
We Offer Unique Crafts And Gifts For Every Occasion!
674 North High Street - Chillicothe, Ohio


Rights and Responsibilities of the Crafter:
1. Every Item offered for sale must be in some
way , partially or solely, handmade or
handcrafted by the tenant. Crafts that are
purchased cannot be offered for sale under this
contract._________ INITIAL 
2. An itemized listing of all items being offered for
sale must be submitted to the staff of Chillicothe
Craft Mall Inc., on a merchandise identification
form before the display and sale of any item.
3. An inventory list and bar code merchandise
tags will be provided by the staff of Chillicothe
Craft Mall Inc. The Crafter is to clearly and
securely tag all merchandise.
4. Removal of merchandise may not drop your
display area below an acceptable standard which
will be determined by the staff of Chillicothe Craft
Mall, Inc.
5. All set-up, tear down, and major changes to
displays must be made before opening or after
closing  during the set-up times and days.
6. All merchandise  must be kept  within the
space given for that display area and may not
extend into the aisles or outside the boundaries
as specified.
7. Pegboard will be supplied for all crafter display
areas. Painting and decorating which will cause
permanent change to the display must have prior
approval through the management of Chillicothe
Craft Mall, Inc. The leaser cannot put any paint,
holes or anything causing permanent change in
or on the divider trim. Along with this the crafter
should be sure to measure their booths for exact
dimensions as booth sizes may vary slightly.
8. All signs must be approved by the staff of
Chillicothe Craft Mall Inc.
9.No sketching or photographing will be allowed
during business hours. If you would like to
photograph your display, please make an
appointment with the staff of Chillicothe Craft
Mall, Inc.
10. "Chillicothe Craft Mall, Inc." is not responsible
for any theft or loss to your display. We are totally
dedicated to helping maintain the best level of
security possible. For this reason, we ask that
you report all losses to the staff as soon as they
are noticed.
11. All monthly lease payments are due on the
___________of each month, through the length
of the contract. A $10.00 late fee will be assessed
if payment is received seven days after this date.
Accounts more than sixty 60  days past due may
result in lease termination.
12. The crafter is required to maintain a high
level of quality and use a pleasing decor which is
consistent with the quality level of "Chillicothe
Craft Mall, Inc." This pertains to display as well as the merchandise itself.
13. Signs will be posted stating all sales are final.
However, to promote customer satisfaction, all
complaints need to be handled in a fair manner. If
an item is defective, "Chillicothe Craft Mall, Inc"
will refund the money to the customer and deduct this from the crafter's account. If a particular
crafter has an excessive number of complaints,
they may be subject to lease termination.
14. Crafter's are expected to set up their display
area not more than four days after the start of
their lease.
15. The use of the name "Chillicothe Craft Mall, Inc" must be approved by the management.
16. Liability and safety of all crafts or merchandise are the responsibility of each crafter/vendor.
17. Follow all responsibilities as stated. Violation or lack of compliance to these responsibilities may result in contract termination. If lease is prematurely terminated for any reason, merchandise will be packed and stored for no more than one week. If merchandise is not claimed in that time, it becomes the property of "Chillicothe Craft Mall, Inc".  If crafter  prematurely terminates the lease, "Chillicothe Craft Mall Inc." reserves the right to invoice for the full
balance of the lease fees due._______INITIAL.
18. All heat producing crafts must include "warning" labels, which explain proper usage.
19. Lease agreements will run for a six month period

Begin Date: _______________________                                                                       End Date: __________________________

Monthly Rental Amount: __________________                                                         Display Area Estimated Size: _____________

The parties hereto have executed this agreement of terms and conditions

_______________________________                                                                           ___________________________________
Vendor                                        Date                                                                                            Chillicothe Craft Mall, Inc.                        Date

Vendor # ______________________________

                                                                                                  Prices for Booth Display Rentals:
                             Estimated Size of Booth                                                                                                  Monthly Rental Price

All Booth Measurements are DepthxLengthxHeigth
End Cap:                                                                                                                                   $55.00
3x4x6                                                                                                                                        $90.00
4x4x8                                                                                                                                      $105.00
3x6x6                                                                                                                                      $135.00
4x6x8                                                                                                                                     $150.00
3x8x6                                                                                                                                     $180.00
4x8x8                                                                                                                                      $195.00
         3x10x6                                                                                                                                    $225.00           
4x10x8                                                                                                                                    $240.00
3x12x6                                                                                                                                    $270.00
                                                          4x12x8                                                                                                                             $285.00                                                           


1.Management will supply each leaser with an
itemized inventory listing along with merchandise tags for all merchandise as listed on the "Merchandise Identification Form" upon receipt of new inventory, or upon request.  Notification will be sent if display inventory falls below an acceptable standard, at which time the crafter will be expected to comply as in the Crafter's Responsibilities. Keeping fully stocked booths helps to maintain the over aesthetics of the
craft mall.
2. A check for all merchandise sold will be printed twice per month, minus the 5% service fee. Service fees are reviewed annually on October 1st and are subject to change at this annual review. Checks are processed and mailed on the first business day following the 15th and the last day of the month along with a statement of items sold.
3. Management will be responsible for advertising,
marketing, and publicity.
4. Management will monitor all new and current
vendors to maintain the highest levels of quality and
decor. If at any time the quality level falls below
standard, the leaser will be required to attend a
meeting to discuss needed improvements. If the
leaser and management are unable to reach an
agreement, the lease will be terminated.
5. Management will be responsible for all building and ground maintenance.
6. Staff and management will monitor and maintain
craft display areas to minimize theft or damage to any merchandise. "Chillicothe Craft Mall, Inc." is not responsible for any theft or loss to displays.
7. "Chillicothe Craft Mall, Inc."  will make daily checks to booths and straighten merchandise to balance any spaces left due to purchased items.
9. "Chillicothe Craft Mall, Inc." will collect and pay all sales tax.
10. "Chillicothe Craft Mall, Inc" will be closed on some holidays and reserves the right to close at owners' discretion.
11. Terms and conditions are subject to change by
mall owner upon written notification to vendor.